What makes an exceptionally good doctor?

  • Christoph Schnelle

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


It is unknown what makes an exceptionally good doctor or even if such doctors exist. While there has been some research, specifically surveys, on what makes a good doctor, there is no research on whether there are exceptionally good doctors, how common they might be, or how to differentiate between a good doctor and an exceptionally good doctor. It is unknown what effect and what difference medical physicians, who are substantially better than their peers, have and make on a patient’s physical health, outside of known factors such as patient and doctor demographics. What is known, is that in clinical trials doctors have a clustering effect but said trials do not establish whether that is due to patient demographics or varying doctor abilities.
Date of Award8 Jun 2023
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorMark Jones (Supervisor) & Jeremy Howick (Supervisor)

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