What Factors Influence Consumers’ Willingness to Adopt a PrePaid Utility Solution Over the Traditional Post Paid Utility Billing Model?

  • Athanasia Katsimberis

Student thesis: Master's Thesis


Environmental sustainability has become a prevailing topic due to the increased public interest of climate change. This research contributes to the emerging field of Sustainable Human Computer Interaction, which is defined as research at the intersection of people,technology and environmental concerns. In this context, the prepaid metering smart solution (PPMSS) is a promising technology that enables and motivates energy consumers to live and act in a more sustainable pro-environmental manner), whether they intentionally choose to. Overall, this study shows that prepayment is infact ripening as a service option in Australia. Those who are most eager to adopt new technologies will be more likely to adopt the PPMSS, so early adopters should be targeted for the initial uptake of this solution. This study also indicates that consumers will be more likely to subscribe to new products/behaviours if they perceive that the collective are doing so. Therefore, this is insight for marketers to target a campaign for the mass roll out of the solution so that it is perceived as a new ‘norm’ or a new popular choice with appropriate education of the benefits derived. This study indicates that the PPMSS should be a choice available to energy consumers despite their age, gender, income or educational status. As M2 from the focus group states, “[w]e should all be given the option of prepaid at the very least!”
Date of Award2018
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorM T Spence (Supervisor) & Rafi Chowdhury (Supervisor)

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