Context-aware Model Driven Software Agents in Healthcare Information Systems

  • Cedric Perrot

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


eHealth has been an area of much change in recent years. New ways of interacting with patients and caregivers are presented every year. Improving the effectiveness of patient treatment and interaction between caregiver and patient is certainly a frequently discussed topic.Today data is stored in different data repositories such as in the general practitioner’s office, hospitals, research institutions and others. Synchronising and coordinating this plethora of information is difficult, making this information generally available equally so. In today’s world we are presented with a numerous sources of contextual information which could be used to improve our everyday lives. In healthcare, the trend is to give patients the possibility to participate in their treatment and that technology is used to minimize disruption in their everyday lives. With the dawn of a new era of technology in sensors and mobile computing devices, user context has become more relevant than ever before. User context can now be used to help in the patient’s treatment and improve the outcome. This thesis concentrates on user context and proposes a new federated approach to improve patient – caregiver interaction, thus enabling the patient to be an active participant in his or her health and wellbeing.
Date of Award15 Jun 2013
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorGavin Finnie (Supervisor) & Iain Morrison (Supervisor)

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