3D SPACE Special Project in Advanced Computer Environments

  • Dale Patterson

Student thesis: Doctoral Thesis


The primary objective of this research is to use the benefits offered by computerized three dimensional graphics and apply those to the field of human computer interaction. Focussing primarily on the interactive content of the 3D world, this research describes a range of innovative new interface elements demonstrating specific new 3D interfaces/components designed to provide a new interactive 3D method for handling a range of particular common real-world tasks (ranging from simple value setting tasks up to larger scale systems for browsing structured sets of hierarchical data). These systems incorporate new design concepts such as active 3D interfaces that present their data to the user rather than statically waiting for the user to interact with them (these systems prove particularly useful in the presentation of large sets of data). Overall this set of components introduces a range of new interface styles that prove very effective in many mainstream real world tasks.In addition to the development of these systems, this project demonstrates a new high level 3D interface development tool designed to simplify the challenge of constructing interactive 3D user interfaces and in doing so make 3D interface development available to a wider developer base. By constructing the components mentioned above in a structured generic form, this combination of a new development tool and a range of reusable components provides a strong development platform, from which more complex interactive 3D interfaces can be constructed.In essence the core idea that underlies this research is making the construction of interactive and functional 3D interfaces simpler to undertake (by developing effective reusable components to handle mainstream tasks) while at the same time generating resulting 3D interfaces that are more effective and more capable of providing users with an enjoyable and functional 3D working environment.
Date of Award5 Jun 2004
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorZheng Da Wu (Supervisor) & Michael Rees (Supervisor)

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