Working-memory impairment in schizophrenia and schizotypal personality disorder

Ahmed Abdelhaim Moustafa, Shadi Gray, Alejandro Morris, Glessia Matar, Anchal Garg, Ahmed A. Helal, Alaa Eldin A. Ayoub, Eid Abo Hamza

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Working memory (WM) refers to the temporary maintenance, updating, and manipulation of information. It is a key component in cognitive neuroscience research as it improves our understanding of cognitive operations such as comprehension, problem-solving, and planning. Impairment in WM can impact day-to-day functioning and its severity can predict long-term outcome in psychosis-spectrum disorders such as schizophrenia. The goal of this chapter is to review prior studies on WM disturbances in schizophrenia and schizotypal personality disorder using N-Back Paradigm and AX-Continuous Performance Test, two commonly used WM measures for clinical trials. In addition, the commonalities and differences in WM impairment patterns between both groups are discussed. Last, we provide summary of the gaps and limitations of previous studies which will then become the focus of future research.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationCognitive and behavioral dysfunction in schizophrenia
EditorsAhmed A. Moustafa
PublisherAcademic Press
Number of pages30
ISBN (Electronic)9780128200056
Publication statusPublished - 2021
Externally publishedYes


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