Training Adam, Training Eve

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Overview: - Anatomical Variations ( Musculoskeletal Structure, Height and Weight, Pelvis Width and Levers, Centre of Gravity and Flexibility, Hormonal Differences, Impact on strength, Cardio Respiratory Differences) - Metabolic Variations (VO2 MAX, Lactate Thresholds) - Sociological Variations (Social Barriers, Conformity or Achievement, Female or Athlete, one or the other, Homophobia, Media Coverage, Funding & Salaries) - Menstruation (Cycles, Menstrual Disorders, Effects of Exercise on Menstruation, Performance During Menstruation, Participation During Menstruation) - Programming (Resistance Training Programming, Anaerobic /Aerobic Conditioning) - What this means to you
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages12
Publication statusPublished - 14 Jun 2002
EventFILEX International Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Convention and Expo - Sydney, Australia
Duration: 14 Jun 200216 Jun 2002


ConferenceFILEX International Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle Convention and Expo


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