The Law Clinic Experience: A Guidebook for Students

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It has been widely acknowledged that law students entering the competitive work environment can benefit significantly from practical work experience during their law degree.

Whether gained through clinical education, external work experience or pro bono programs, the effect is to increase self-confidence, practical experience and, consequently, employability of students. It has also been recognised that extra-curricular community engagement enhances graduate employability by combining experiential learning, course work and community service. Clinical legal education (CLE) is generally defined as a student’s involvement with ‘real clients’ in a legal centre or in-house campus clinic; or through a placement program or internship. This book promotes the idea that, not only is clinical experience an invaluable asset to students to enhance learning and to prepare them for practice, but it often has the added benefit of developing a sense of social responsibility in students gained by undertaking pro bono work.

There are currently limited practice-based Australian textbooks available for students undertaking clinical legal placements with industry partners or working in on-campus clinics. This guide aims to equip law clinic students with useful tips and know-how to make the most of their law clinic experience and provide guidance on how to develop important employability skills for future success, whether in the legal profession or related pursuits. By sharing professional and industry insights such as reported by Evans et al, and additional resources on the positive effects of practice-based learning techniques demonstrated by law students, the book aims to inform and benefit law students at any point of their clinic journey, irrespective of the type of clinical experience they engage in.
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PublisherBond University
Number of pages55
ISBN (Electronic)978-0-6452396-3-8
Publication statusPublished - 17 Feb 2023


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