The Effects of Message Framing Characteristics on Physical Activity Education: A Systematic Review - Free Paper

Jayde Williams, Melissa Saken, Wayne A Hing, Suzanne Gough

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Aim: To determine the influence of different message framing characteristics on potential physical activity participation.
Design: A systematic review of randomised clinical trials and randomised control trials investigating message framing and physical activity participation.
Method: A search of relevant databases, reference lists and grey literature was completed, and a systematic review was performed.
Results: Thirteen studies met the inclusion criteria. The majority of participants were healthy adults with the exception of one study who included overweight people. All studies investigated gain and loss as well as at least one other message framing characteristic and how this influenced physical activity participation. The other characteristics included: source credibility (n = 4), presentation of affect (n = 1), number of arguments (n = 1), type of activity (n = 1), narrative versus statistical (n = 3), intrinsic versus extrinsic motivation (n = 1),
social endorsement (n = 1), kernel type (n = 1) and ease of imagination (n = 2).
Conclusion: No consistent consensus was found, however, important characteristics to consider when formulating a message to influence physical activity participation are described. Further research is needed.
Key Practice Points:
• Message framing is an important tool that can be used to influence physical activity behaviour change
• Gain-framed messages alone are most appropriate when attempting to influence physical activity participation.
• The combination of message characteristics and target population demographics can influence which characteristics are most effective.

Proposed impact on the health outcomes of Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people: This review is not specific to Aboriginals or Torres Strait Islanders; however, it will bring awareness to the importance of understanding the target population when educating patients.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages2
Publication statusPublished - 18 Oct 2019
EventTRANSFORM 2019 Physiotherapy Conference - Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide, Australia
Duration: 17 Oct 201919 Oct 2019 (Book of Abstracts)


ConferenceTRANSFORM 2019 Physiotherapy Conference
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