The Criminal Investigator

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“One should always look for a possible
alternative and provide against it.
It is the first rule of criminal investigation. It is
of the highest importance in the art of detection
to be able to recognise, out of a number of
facts, which are incidental and which are vital.
Otherwise your energy and attention must be
dissipated instead of being concentrated.”
- Sherlock Holmes

The words of Sherlock Holmes illustrate that it is the attention to detail that makes for a successful investigator. The investigator is a story teller, charged with telling the story of the victim in such a way that it is impervious to criticism or doubt. Many cogs make up the machinery of the justice system, yet the
most important is the investigator who, without whom, many crimes would go unsolved. It is the investigator who brings the threads of evidence together
and combines them into a legally presentable and compelling brief of evidence that proves the guilt of the accused beyond reasonable doubt. So what does an investigation involve and what does the investigator do?

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Pages (from-to)158-163
JournalAustralian Police Journal
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 2009


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