Regulating Sport-related Concussion: Identifying Key Characteristics of Dominant Regulatory Actors

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This paper applies the regulatory space metaphor as adapted by Hancher and Moran (1989) to illustrate the key characteristics of dominant actors in addressing the issue of sport-related concussion (SRC). Concerns about the serious and long-term harm associated with mismanaging SRC continue to receive widespread attention with SRC today regarded as a public health concern. Yet despite strong public interest in SRC, private non-state actors continue to dominate this regulatory space and are entrusted to design, develop, implement, enforce and evaluate regulatory mechanisms to reduce or minimise the harm. The paper aims to identify the key characteristics of the IF to explain how they influence the shape of regulatory space and the allocation of power within that space.

Original languageEnglish
Publication statusUnpublished - 25 Jun 2021
EventThe ECPR 8th Biennial Regulatory Governance Conference - Virtual
Duration: 23 Jun 202125 Jun 2021


ConferenceThe ECPR 8th Biennial Regulatory Governance Conference
OtherThis conference will tackle the present context where some well-established ‘certainties’ around democracy, rule of law, governance, public policy, compliance and accountability are no longer taken for granted. We will debate who carries the regulatory conversation in a context dominated by elected leaders that attack evidence-based policy, do not necessarily support the rule of law, deny the role of science in the design of risk and regulation, and set out to hollow out historical projects of regulatory integration such as the European Union. Thus, one question is who carries the regulatory conversation. But the next one is for what purposes and for what implications for governance. Here we come full circle to the original motivation for the existence of our Standing Group, which exists to think and debate risk, rules and regulations in terms of governance.
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