Opinion: Queensland needs a new police commissioner to renew service culture

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Title in print: "Three ways to fix police force" published in The Sunday Mail editorial.

Queensland’s top cop hopes to continue in the top job, but the service needs a new leader from outside the organisation who can change the culture and restore confidence from inside and out of the service, writes Terry Goldsworthy.


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This week the QPS Commissioner, Katarina Carroll, stated that she hoped to continue in the top job. Such hope may be misplaced.

We have seen a DNA inquiry highlight where senior officers in the QPS with little understanding of scientific procedures allowed staff at the state forensic lab to stop testing samples in 2018, potentially robbing hundreds of victims of their right to justice. The Commissioner said she had not been told about problems with the new testing regime. Why not?

Her ability to lead has been called into question in recent times where she has shown poor judgment and decision making. Just this week another poor decision was highlighted when it was revealed that the superintendent that she appointed to head the QPS First Nations unit was under investigation for alleged racism and bullying. Carroll claimed she was not told about the investigation. Doing due diligence is the hallmark of a good leader, she should have asked.
Original languageEnglish
JournalThe Courier Mail
Publication statusPublished - 20 Nov 2022


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