Novel Approaches for Studying Creativity in Problem-Solving and Artistic Performance

Philip A. Fine (Editor), Amory H. Danek (Editor), Kathryn J. Friedlander (Editor), Ian Hocking (Editor), William Thompson (Editor)

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This eBook presents the current state of the art in creativity research, by showcasing novel and/or interdisciplinary methodological approaches for studying creativity in creative cognition, artistic performance and artistic production. Its aims are both to enhance our understanding of these domains of creativity, and to foster new research ideas and collaborations through the use of these novel approaches.
There is a long history of research into creative cognition and creative performance, addressing questions of the creative process, individual differences in creative ability, what constitutes a creative product, and finally environmental influences on creativity. However, as creativity is such a broad and multifaceted area, research has tended to focus on discrete areas of study, with little opportunity for cross-fertilization. It is thus important to integrate research ideas and empirical methods and findings across a variety of disciplines. One way to achieve this is to share methodological approaches for investigating creativity, in particular novel ones.
We see four ways in which novel approaches or methodologies have emerged:
1) through innovative uses of new technologies;
2) through investigating hitherto neglected domains of creativity;
3) by accessing specific creative populations; and
4) by combining existing approaches and methods within and across disciplines.
This eBook contains 27 articles exploring all four of these novel approaches, together with an editorial. Whereas the editorial is organised by the various methodological themes found in the articles, this eBook as a whole is organised according to the main domain of creativity, whether creative cognition or creative art and artistic performance.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationLausanne
PublisherFrontiers Media
Number of pages374
ISBN (Electronic)978-2-88963-217-6
Publication statusPublished - 2020
Externally publishedYes

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NameFrontiers Research Topics
ISSN (Electronic)1664-8714


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