Moving from an MBBS to an MD – where are we at after 3 years of implementation?

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Many medical programs internationally have moved to the US style Doctor of Medicine (MD) program. Australian is no different, with its twenty medical schools offering undergraduate or post graduate entry, a variety of 4, 5 and 6 year programs, all accredited by the Australian Medical Council. The main difference between the programs is largely research training.
Summary of work
Bond University Medical School on the Gold Coast, Australia, transited from an MBBS to a Bachelor of Medical Studies/Doctor of Medicine Degree in 2016, which was described in the external evaluation as ‘novel and innovative’. The program allows undergraduate entry and master’s degree exit, in an accelerated program over 4 years and 8 months. The flexible program allows students to choose from three project options in their final year: a research project, or a professional project or a capstone experience. The health equity capstone projects enable students to undertake placements in the Solomon Islands, South Africa or India, as well as remote Indigenous communities. The professional projects have resulted in innovative simulation moulages and the development of a bank of examination questions used as students practice exams. The variety of other tasks are collected in an electronic portfolio and fully integrated with the existing curriculum and assessment process.
Summary of results
The first three cohorts (n=290) have now graduated having completed almost 200 projects, all have presented at a conference and many have published from this work.
Discussion and conclusion
This paper describes the model, innovations, a summary of the project outcomes to date and how they contribute to the community and the evidence base, as well as the challenges for others to learn from.
Take home messages
This innovative model is breaking new ground in the way in which a masters level MD program could be developed, whilst maintaining undergraduate entry.
Health equity capstone programs offer students unique opportunities in public health and sustainable development that can change the students career pathway and contribute to those most in need.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 10 Sept 2020
EventAMEE 2020: The Virtual Conference - Online
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ConferenceAMEE 2020: The Virtual Conference
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