Mediation in Australia

Laurence Boulle, Rachael M Field

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Mediation in Australia focuses on key themes and issues that are essential knowledge for effective mediation practice, including the established place of mediation in the contemporary practice of law; the core values and theories that underlie mediation; mediation procedure and the roles of those involved; the elements of modern mediation practice in Australia; and the laws and court decisions that regulate aspects of the mediation process. Attention is also given to the important issues of quality, standards and accountability in mediation, the future directions of mediation practice and relevant comparative developments in the field.

As author of three editions of the ground-breaking work Mediation Principles, Process, Practice Laurence Boulle brings to this new work more than 20 years of experience in mediation and dispute resolution practice, scholarship and analysis. Rachael Field, a prolific scholar, joins the author team, contributing to a revised and refreshed treatment of mediation in Australia and abroad. The work builds on the foundations of its predecessors in a new, more concise format.

This book has been written for teachers and students of mediation, those who practise in the field, and judges, lawyers and other law officials involved in considering the many legal facets of mediation practice. It complements Boulle and Alexander’s LexisNexis Skills Series — Mediation Skills and Techniques.

Ch 1 Identifying Mediation
Ch 2 Values and Objectives of Mediation
Ch 3 Mediation Procedures
Ch 4 Roles and Functions in Mediation
Ch 5 Comparative Perspectives on Mediation
Ch 6 Expanding the Mediation Knowledge Base
Ch 7 Mediation, Justice and the Legal System
Ch 8 Mediation Quality and Ethics: Training, Standards and Accreditation
Ch 9 Mediation in Courts and Tribunals
Ch 10 Confidentiality, Privacy and Privilege in Mediation
Ch 11 Mediator Liability and Immunity
Ch 12 Authors Unplugged
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationAustralia
PublisherLexisNexis Butterworths
Number of pages435
ISBN (Electronic)9780409347371
ISBN (Print)9780409347364
Publication statusPublished - 2018


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