Installation Quality Inspection for High Formwork Using Terrestrial Laser Scanning Technology

Linlin Zhao, Jasper I C Mbachu, Bill Wang, Zhansheng Liu, Huirong Zhang

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Current inspection for installation quality of high formwork is conducted by site managers based on personal experience and intuition. This non-systematic inspection is laborious and it is difficult to provide accurate dimension measurements for high formwork. The study proposed a method that uses terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) technology to collect the full range measurements of a high formwork and develop a genetic algorithm (GA) optimized artificial neutral network (ANN) model to improve measurement accuracy. First, a small-scale high formwork model set was established in the lab for scanning. Then, the collected multi-scan data were registered in a common reference system, and RGB value and symmetry of the structure were used to extract poles and tubes of the model set, removing all irrelevant data. Third, all the cross points of poles and tubes were generated. Next, the model set positioned on the moving equipment was scanned at different specified locations in order to collect sufficient data to develop an GA-ANN model that can generate accurate estimates of the point coordinates so that the accuracy of the dimension measurements can be achieved at the millimetre level. Validation experiments were conducted both on another model set and a real high formwork. The successful applications suggest that the proposed method is superior to other common techniques for obtaining the required data necessary for accurately measuring the overall structure dimensions, regarding data accuracy, cost and time. The study proposed an effective method for installation quality inspection for high formwork, especially when the inspection cannot be properly operated due to cost factors associated with common inspection methods
Original languageEnglish
Article number377
Number of pages31
Issue number2
Publication statusPublished - 14 Feb 2022


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