Human and Economic Perspectives of Globalisation: An Introduction

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In examining the ever-evolving phenomenon of globalisation, and its human and economic impacts, the contributors to this book draw on their own diverse perspectives from different legal systems and present a range of related yet different topics. It highlights how advancements in trade, technology, and corporate governance have transformed economies worldwide. To this end, the chapter emphasizes that globalisation extends beyond corporate law and banking, impacting social issues and human discourse. In exploring these themes, the authors also pay tribute to Prof John Farrar, with whom they have had a close connection, and honour the many areas of law to which he has contributed throughout his career in academia. In the first part, the authors consider the human and social impact of globalisation, through examination of topics including immigration, First Nations people, ageing, and the regulation of medicine and therapeutic goods and pharmaceutical products. In the second part, the authors reflect on the economic aspects of globalisation and debate nuances of corporate law, including the concept of a corporation’s social licence to operate, and international perspectives on cross-border insolvency. The discussions also include an analysis of the impact of global crises on central banks, and improvements in tax treaty-related disputes between jurisdictions. The last chapter examines the scope of corporate responsibility to a range of new stakeholders, reflecting changed relationships between hard and soft law and morality. Together, the chapters capture the multifaceted struggle of the law to adapt to the ever-changing social, business, and economic landscape carved by globalisation.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationGlobalisation in Transition : Human and Economic Perspectives
EditorsUmair Ghori, Mary Hiscock, Louise Parsons, Casey Watters
Number of pages4
ISBN (Electronic)9789819924394
ISBN (Print)9789819924387
Publication statusPublished - 2 Jul 2023


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