High-performance athletes

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The development of high-performance athletes has been well documented with studies investigating predominantly male athletes. There is limited research that provides an understanding of female athletic development and the impacts of high-performance sport on the female body. This chapter aims to identify specific areas for consideration when developing the female athlete. The chapter will examine: female athlete service provision (such as sport science, sport medicine, coaching); the daily training environment; female talent development and talent transfer; female professional sport leagues; and concluding with current concerns in the development of high-performance female athletes. Some content within this chapter is not gender specific, as limited research focusses specifically on female high-performance athletes. Therefore, the chapter highlights the need for specific investigation of the development of high-performance female athletes to ensure current training, competition and recovery practices are designed to enhance the physical, psychological and emotional wellbeing of the female athlete.
Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationDeveloping Sport for Women and Girls
EditorsEmma Sherry, Katie Rowe
Place of PublicationLondon
Number of pages13
ISBN (Electronic)9780367854201
ISBN (Print)9780367426552
Publication statusPublished - 3 May 2020


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