Fantasy Pitching V: Doraemon, Handshaking, Spiders, Misery…

R.W. Faff, K.D. Walsh, Zhiming Deng, A. Dhawan, Y. Dong, N. Dronova, H. Duong, A. Gain, R. Guan, J. Guo, L. Holm, Kerstin Klein, D. Kolouchova, L. Krupka, L. Kusz, Alex Lee, Anqi Liu, V. Mehrotr, R. Mohan, L. PokornýP. Qvist-Sorensen, D. Procházka, S.H. Raut, E. Stevens, W. Sun, Alice Thomas, M. Tiwari, Marie To, Andrew (Anguo) Wang, Jenny Wang, N. Wardhany, S. Westermann, Shixin Yin, Zheming Zhong

Research output: Other contributionDiscipline Preprint RepositoryResearch


Fantasy Pitching V follows in the footsteps of four earlier fantasy pitching exercises: Faff, Ali, et al. (2016); Faff, Wallin et al. (2016); Faff, Carrick, et al (2017) & Faff, Baladi, et al (2017). Like all prior versions, the current paper challenges teams of novice researchers to use the framework of Faff’s (2015,
2017a) pitching research template, in a time constrained setting, to pitch fictitious research projects. The contexts reported in the current paper come four different settings: (a) a PhD course run at the University of Economics, Prague (April 2017); (b) UQ Summer Research Scholar cohort, 2017-18; (c) AFDEN and (d) FIRN PhD courses on the “Research Process”. The fantasy application of the “pitching” approach provides a low stress environment for appreciating and exploring the underlying philosophy of the pitching
research tool. Herein, we share the fruits of thirteen fantasy teams relating to: (a) Handshaking habits I; (b) Handshaking habits II; (c) Warm ice-cream; (d) Misery vs. happiness; (e) income equality; (f) Air pollution; (g) Divorce; (h) Doraemon; (i) Toupee power; (j) Lego; (k) Spiders; (l) Fashion; and (m) Crime.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherSocial Science Research Network (SSRN)
Publication statusPublished - 2018


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