Ep 3: Dr. Peta Stapleton - The Science Behind Tapping

Glenn Mackintosh (Interviewer), Peta Berenice Stapleton (Interviewee)

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Emotional Freedom Techniques, often called EFT or Tapping, is an amazing therapy that’s been shown to reduce food cravings, improve emotional wellbeing, and lead to weight loss and maintenance without dieting. So what is tapping, why does it work, and how can YOU get the most out of this innovative and easy-to-learn technique?

In this mind-opening interview world-leading researcher and master trainer in tapping for food and weight management, Dr. Peta Stapleton and I discuss:

✔︎ What tapping is (she has a new way of explaining it that I love)
✔︎ The new science revealing why tapping works
✔︎ Why people who tap are so damn lovely!
✔︎ What areas (other than food and weight) tapping works for
✔︎ How to make the most out of the technique
✔︎ Tapping is part of the “Fourth Wave” of psychology.
✔︎ A sneak peek into Peta’s new book “The Science Behind Tapping” (out now!)
✔︎ The 3 steps required to free yourself of old baggage.
✔︎ Troubleshooting tapping

Episode Highlights:

About Dr. Peta Stapleton – background, credentials and research [0:05]
Why Peta runs and how she motivates herself when she doesn’t “feel” like going for a run [2:14]
An overview of EFT tapping [5:24]
The research on tapping [7:46]
Tapping in the classroom for children and teenagers [9:15]
Why people who tap are so damn lovely! [11:59]
Why tapping is a part of the “Fourth Wave” of psychology [19:44]
What Peta’s mum says about her! [27:33]
The new science telling us why tapping works [31:19]
The 3 steps to open your mind to let go of old messages & create new ones [35:03]
Research into tapping on the brain [46:06]
Comparing the outcomes of the 4 week EFT trial to 8-week trails [48:06]
Research on the effectiveness of online tapping [48:40]
Tapping for Weight Management Online Program [49:06]
Audience questions from the Facebook support group “The Psychology of Eating, Movement, Weight and Body Image” [50:42]
Peta answers audience questions regarding knowing and remembering what to say when tapping [51:18]
Peta answers audience questions on tapping troubleshooting (how long to do tapping, how to tap before eating mindlessly) [53:48]
Peta answers audience question about tapping on food habits from childhood referencing “The Tabletop Technique” [57:33]
The generalisation effect of tapping [59:27]
Original languageEnglish
PublisherThe Glenn Mackintosh Show - A Health Psychology Podcast
Media of outputOnline
Publication statusPublished - 2020


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