Endoscopic sleeve Gastroplasty Efficacy (ENvISaGE): Endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty versus Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy

Asha Soni, Skye Marshall, Felicity Cohen, Graeme Rich, Reza Adib, Elisabeth Isenring

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The endoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (ESG), new to Australia, is a minimally invasive procedure designed to mimic some of the effects of the laparoscopic sleeve gastroplasty (LSG). The ENvISaGE study aims to determine the pre-surgical anthropometric, medical, and quality of life differences between patients who elect ESG versus LSG in Queensland, Australia. This study reports the cross-sectional characteristics of consecutively sampled ESG and LSG patients. Body composition was measured by DXA, quality of life by Impact of weight on Quality of Life Assessment Tool, gastrointestinal symptoms by Gastrointestinal Symptom Rating Scale. Blood pressure and biochemistry were observed from the medical record. Over a 12-month recruitment period, n=27 ESG (mean age 42.5 (10.2); 83% female) and n=55 LSG (mean age 40.2 (8.8); 86% female) patients were recruited. ESG patients differed from LSG patients by having a lower HbA1c (29.2mol/mmol vs 33.2mol/mmol; p=0.023) but higher systolic blood pressure (131.3mmHg vs 123.7mmHg; p=0.051). LSG patients reported worse weight related physical function (p=0.028), public distress (p=0.006), and self-esteem (p=0.057). ESG patients had less total lean mass (43.7kg vs 51.7kg; p<0.001) and less total fat mass (47.8kg vs 59.6kg; p=0.005). ESG and LSG patients did not differ in relation to pre-surgical blood lipids, liver function, or gastrointestinal symptoms. In Queensland, Australia, patients who elect to undergo the ESG compared with the LSG for obesity treatment have less fat and lean mass, less insulin resistance, and less negative impacts of weight on quality of life. Pre-surgical differences between these cohorts should be considered when interpreting post-surgical outcomes.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusAccepted/In press - 31 May 2019
Event21st Global Obesity Meeting: Tackling the Obesity Epidemic – Together - Australia , Brisbane, Australia
Duration: 21 Jun 201922 Jun 2019
Conference number: 21st


Conference21st Global Obesity Meeting
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