EFT for Introverst

Peta Stapleton, Celina Tonkin

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Introversion is not a condition from which you need to recover. Many introverts try to become extroverts and in the process lose themselves and lose sight of the powerful positive traits introverts possess. If you are an introvert, you are in good company: the list includes Leonardo da Vinci, Gandhi, Einstein, and Charles Darwin. Self-proclaimed introverts of today include Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, and Barack Obama.
EFT for Introverts, by psychologist Peta Stapleton, PhD, and EFT practitioner Celina Tonkin, offers a quick and easy technique for:
Reducing the discomfort of typical situations that are stressful to an introvert
Overcoming the limiting beliefs you have about being an introvert
Releasing the innate talents and abilities of your introversion, and ...
Elevating you to embracing yourself as an introvert.
By using EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques, or "tapping"), you harness the power of one of the most potent self-help tools ever developed. This frees you to be more effective in every area of your life, from career to relationships to health to money to well-being.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherHay House
Number of pages243
ISBN (Electronic)9781604152715
Publication statusPublished - Sept 2018


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