Education, Megatrends and Resilience: Preparing for the Future

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This paper explores ways to build resilience ensuring continuation of education at times when teachers, learners and institutions face global disruptions. The framework employed for the paper draws from multidisciplinary studies in the megatrends in global economy (CSIRO, 2022). Megatrends determine the way we study, live and work, and they look into the future world we will have to adapt to. The last (nearly) three years of the COVID19 pandemic have had an overwhelming and often disastrous impact on the way education has been delivered across the globe. Institutions everywhere were mostly unprepared for the consequences of the pandemic, but knowing global megatrends, they can position themselves to address future uncertainties. The paper discusses that and concludes with suggestions for building institutional and educational resilience preparing us for the next inevitable historic disruption.
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Publication statusPublished - Dec 2022
EventThe 8th International Conference on Language and Education (ICLE) 2022: “Resilience in Language Teaching and Education; Leaping into the Era of Extra Ordinary -
Duration: 20 Dec 202221 Dec 2022
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ConferenceThe 8th International Conference on Language and Education (ICLE) 2022
Abbreviated titleICLE
OtherThe Covid-19 has caused a great change in Language Teaching and Education. Learners & Educators have shift to a pure online based system without any prior warning. The Resilience of the system in Language Teaching and Education can be determined if the system continues to operate or function as effectively as before a change. Thus, the measure of resilience in language teaching & education has three major facets—people, the technology which facilitates the process and the process environment.

Therefore, to understand the resilience of the learners & educators due to the Covid-19 pandemic, especially how language teaching & education continued to leap into the era of extraordinary, and what contributed to this continuity, Association of Language Teachers in Southeast Asia (ALTSA) initiates the 8th International Conference on Language and Education 2022 (The 8th ICLE ‘22) upon a theme “Resilience in Language Teaching & Education; Leaping into the Era of Extraordinary” as the platform of intellectual sharing on information and experiences pertaining to the afore-mentioned issues as well as to strengthen communication amongst faculty members, administrators, policy makers, researchers, and students at different layers of educational settings.
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