Do multi-ingredient protein supplements augment resistance training-induced gains in skeletal muscle mass and strength? A systematic review and meta-analysis of 35 trials

Kerry R O'Bryan, Thomas M Doering, Robert W Morton, Vernon G Coffey, Stuart M Phillips, Gregory R Cox

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    Isenring, E., Marshall, S., Reidlinger, D., Kelly, J., Cox, G., Van der Meij, B., MacKenzie-Shalders, K., Mayr, H., Dahl, C., Crichton, M., O'Bryan, K. R., Norris, R., Warner, M., Davidson, A., Naranjo, A., Mahoney, S., Eberhardt, F., Dalwood, P., Lopez, E., Hofto, S., Innerarity, C., So, D., McIntosh, A., Gadd, N., Chan, H. C., Lan, X., Fei, X., Kostjasyn, S., Adhyaru, P., Giang, J., Leung, E. L. Y., Strike, K., Pearcy, J., Somani, A., Wright, C., Matthews, C., Lee, G. & Tang, X.


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