Clinical Death vs Biological Death: WHEN can Organ Donations commence?

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When do we die and when is someone pronounced dead? What is clinical death in a hospital setting, when does death occur? What is brain death, brain dead, cell and cellular death? How does a doctor pronounce death? Brain death vs Biological Death

When can organ donations occur? When is someone Dead for Donations and how do doctors determine a patient is dead prior to organ donation?

When can a clinician take someone off life support? When is a patient pronounced dead? Can organ donations commence immediately after death?

What is brain stem death (brainstem death, deep brain death), and whole brain death, when is someone dead and when does someone die, what is cellular death (cell death), and what must be tested before brain death can be confirmed? Circulatory death vs biological death, clinical death vs death. Must death always be irreversible? Organ donations
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