CBI: price based global standards for migration, no longer limited nor marginal

Michael B. Krakat

Research output: Contribution to journalOnline ResourceResearch


Global markets for membership entitlements are experiencing exceptional growth, with Citizenship by Investment (‘CBI’) as direct admissions absent meaningful (or any) naturalization requirements being the sole driver of entire countries and perhaps, to some extent, regions. CBI market logic is extending into wider circles and areas, especially in times of the pandemic, with entirely new segments of purchasers and industry participants arising: For example, those that did not previously consider either global mobility may now physically consider the strategic relocations aspects of CBI subject to better healthcare and crisis or other disaster response. In other words, post-Corona lockdowns, some small island havens may be in need to prepare for a possible and sudden influx of those who may have only purchased for global mobility, now, with travel shutdowns, seeking relative safety instead, taking up the actual territorial part of the bargain. CBI programs are also needed to step into the place of entire sectors such as tourism, such as in Vanuatu or St. Kitts.
Original languageEnglish
JournalInvestment Migration Council
Publication statusPublished - 16 Dec 2020


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