Carboxypeptidase X-1 (CPX-1) is a secreted collagen-binding glycoprotein

Yu Hee Kim, Hayley M O'Neill, Jonathan P Whitehead

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Carboxypeptidase X-1 (CPX-1) is an atypical member of the carboxypeptidase (CP) family of proteins involved in a variety of physiological and pathological processes. However, unlike most other family members CPX-1 lacks catalytic activity making its biological function unclear. CPX-1 contains a 160 amino acid discoidin domain (DSD) that serves as a binding domain in other proteins prompting us to investigate a putative functional role for this domain in CPX-1. Sequence alignment confirmed the overarching homology between the DSD of CPX-1 and other DSDs whilst more detailed analysis revealed conservation of the residues known to form the collagen-binding trench within the DSD of the discoidin domain receptors (DDRs) 1 and 2. Biochemical characterisation of transiently expressed human CPX-1 revealed that CPX-1 was secreted in an N-glycosylation-dependent manner as treatment with the N-glycosylation inhibitor tunicamycin inhibited secretion concomitant with a reduction in CPX-1 mobility on Western blot. Using a collagen pull-down assay we found that secreted CPX-1 bound collagen and this appeared independent of N-glycosylation as treatment with PNGaseF did not affect binding. Further analysis under non-reducing and reducing (+DTT) conditions revealed that CPX-1 was secreted in both monomeric and dimeric forms and only the former bound collagen. Finally, mutation of a key residue situated within the putative collagen-binding trench within the DSD of CPX-1 (R192A) significantly reduced secretion and collagen-binding by 40% and 60%, respectively. Collectively these results demonstrate that CPX-1 is a secreted collagen-binding glycoprotein and provide a foundation for future studies investigating the function of CPX-1.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)894-899
Number of pages6
JournalBiochemical and Biophysical Research Communications
Issue number4
Publication statusPublished - 25 Dec 2015


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