Capital markets in Malaysia: Corporate finance, investment management, banking and corporate governance

Mohamed Ariff

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The study of emergent capital markets has become an established field of financial research today. In fact there are few research institutes dedicated to this task in the developed countries. This is only natural as the number of emerging capital markets has about doubled in the last fifty years as more and more countries are fine-tuning their regulatory framework and institutions to create price-efficient money, bond, share and derivative markets. Consequently there is a deeply-felt wish by teachers- even though they use textbooks with international focus- to teach Finance courses at tertiary institutions with increasingly more and more local content in accounting, banking and finance subjects. The professionals, who make their living on these markets also need a ready source for the local materials. Sadly existing textbooks report market empirics from the more developed markets. Therefore, the initial motivation for writing this book is to make available comprehensive high-quality research findings relating to one emerging market- Malaysia- so that instructors and their students and professionals can have access to local materials. The other motivation was to add this book to the growing literature on emerging markets as a ready source of peer-reviewed materials on Finance.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationKuala Lumpur
PublisherMcgraw Hill
Number of pages459
ISBN (Print)9789833850228, 9833850227
Publication statusPublished - 2008


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