Business Law in Malaysia

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This is a textbook on business law tailored for Business and Banking undergraduates in Malaysia. Its aim is to equip students with essential legal knowledge. The legal principles affecting and shaping businesses and industries in Malaysia are presented here in an accessible and easy-to understand manner. The text is written in line with the syllabuses of Business Law courses at local institutions of higher learning.

Apart from business and law students, this book can also serve as an essential tool for bankers, financiers, legal practitioners, entrepreneurs and other professionals. This book may also prove itself useful and enlightening to the general public at large, as equipping oneself with legal knowledge is an added advantage in achieving success in today’s demanding and exacting world!

Key Features

• Complies with the Business Law syllabuses of local higher learning institutions

• Presents topics related to business law in a clear and concise manner

• Provides an array of relevant and current cases to help students connect what they have learnt to practical and real-world contexts

Brief Table of Contents




About the Author

Table of Cases

Table of Statutes

1 Concept of Law in Malaysia

2 Sources of Law

3 The Judicial System

4 Criminal Law in the Business Context

5 Ethics and Business Practice

6 Law of Contract

7 Law of Tort

8 Insurance

9 Sale of Goods

10 Hire-Purchase

11 Agency

12 Company Law

13 Partnership Law

14 Law of Negotiable Instruments

15 Electronic Commerce and Credit Cards

16 Debt Recovery and Insolvency

17 Land Law

18 Intellectual Property

19 The Work Environment and the Employment Relationship


Original languageEnglish
PublisherMcGraw-Hill International & Professional
ISBN (Print)9789670761596
Publication statusPublished - 2023


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