Australia's rural, remote and Indigenous health

Janie Dade Smith

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Australia’s Rural, Remote and Indigenous Health 3e is a practical guide to the delivery of health care in rural and remote Australia. Drawing on personal experiences of rural and remote practitioners, historical accounts, literature analysis and epidemiology, this frank and engaging text examines the economic, social and political forces that shape healthcare in rural and remote Australia.

With limited current resources to support studies in rural and remote healthcare, this title bridges the gap by offering valuable insights into Indigenous life and social determinants of health through the use of storytelling. It is the perfect guide for anyone working in or planning to work in rural, remote or Indeginous Australia; and for those undertaking culturual studies, or social policy.

Only text covering both rural and remote health in Australia
Placement preparation with StudentConsult video interviews of experienced rural and remote practitioners providing first-hand experience of rural and remote practice
Pause and Think questions provide a frame
Pause and think question boxes train the reader to critically assess and apply concepts to practical situations.
New Chapter: Working with Indigenous Australians – Written by Shannon Springer, describes how to consult with Indigenous patients and draws on his experience in clinical practice. It offers consultation signposts and practical principles for working with Indigenous Australians.
New Chapter: Remote health practice – Written by Sue Lenthall, this chapter examines the differences and commonalities between the remote communities and then applies this information to a case study on 'a day in the life of a remote area nurse'. It presents a remote client consultation model and a StudentConsult audio consultation between a nurse and a distant doctor, as well as tips for working in remote practice. The audio consultation gives a first-hand account of the experience of a remote area nurse managing an emergency case.
Video and audio content – video interviews of experienced rural, remote and Indigenous health practioners as well as students. The videos contain first-hand experience of rural and remote practice as well as tips to help prepare those new to rural or remote practice.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages346
ISBN (Electronic)9780729585736, 0729585735
ISBN (Print)0729542416, 9780729542418
Publication statusPublished - 2016


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