Attitudes to Psychological Stress Among Construction Professionals

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While absenteeism due to workplace accidents has substantially reduced across most industries, business-at-large has experienced significant increases in absenteeism attributed to the impacts of psychological stress. However, workers in the Australian construction industry, while experiencing a suicide rate some 2.38 times the national average for specific age groups, reported no increase in absenteeism due to stress. The objective of this work was to investigate attitudes to stress, its avoidance and its management not so much among construction on-the-tools workers as construction project management professionals - people working in professional roles along the construction design and delivery chain. The reported study had a large participant base - some 389 professionals - and compared attitudes to stress avoidance and management of construction project managers with those form administration personnel working in construction and with professionals working in business at large. Comparisons were also made of professionals from small, medium and large organisations (as defined b y the Australian Bureau of Statistics).
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Publication statusPublished - 2022


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