SMK Gamage, I Wijeweera, L.Y. Herath, S.B Adikari, H.M.A. Sominanda

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Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is being increasingly diagnosed in Sri Lanka. Aetiology of MS is considered to depend upon the genetic and environmental factors. Since Sri Lanka is an isolated country with different geo genetic background, MS patients in Sri Lanka are hypothesized to reflect different clinical features from the typical western population of MS.

Objective of this study was to analyze the clinical presentation of Sri Lankan MS patients and compare them with the western population of MS.

Twenty one MS patients attending neurology units of Teaching Hospitals Kandy and Peradeniya from 2012 to 2015 were recruited with informed written consent. The patients had been diagnosed by consultant neurologist/ physician using the Revised Mc Donald Criteria 2010. Data regarding history, examination and MRI findings of the patients were recorded by the principle investigator. Data on clinical histories were collected by direct questioning. A
comprehensive nervous system examination was performed on all patients and additional data regarding examination were collected by referring to the neurologists’ documentation.

Of the 21 patients, 71.5% were females with a female to male ratio of 2.5:1. Average age was 35.6 years. Average EDSS was 4.0. Seventy six percent were RRMS with 19% and 5% of secondary progressive type and clinically isolated syndrome respectively. Sensory symptoms were observed in 66.7% and motor disability in 61.9%. Optic neuritis was seen in 57%. Cerebellar symptoms, sphincter involvement and neuropsychiatric related symptoms were seen in 38%, 14% and 19% respectively.

MS is a disease common among females. This study has confirmed the same distribution by the observation of 2.5:1 female to male ratio. When compared to the typical MS prevalent western populations our study group shows a late average age of onset (35 years). Average EDSS (Kurtzke Expanded Disability Scale) of the patients in the study group is 4.0, indicating that most of the patients are currently in a relatively mobile, self sufficient stage of disease. Of the subtypes of MS, relapsing remitting type was observed to be the common type of MS. However the percentage is much lower than that of the western population. Sensory symptoms are reported to be the commonest presentation in western countries and our population was no different. Optic neuritis is described as the second commonest presentation among Asian MS patients. We too observed a large proportion of our patients had presented with optic neuritis thus confirming the above.

Multiple Sclerosis in Sri Lanka is a disease common in females and its first presentation occurs in mid thirties. The most common presenting symptoms are related to sensory and motor systems and in addition, large number presented with optic neuritis. We conclude that MS patients in Sri Lanka share most of the clinical features of western MS patients.
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