All the glitters is not gold: A Gold Coast murder and the importance of the Golden Hour

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On Wednesday 7 June, 2006, I was woken by a telephone call at 3am. there had been a suspect murder in a unit at Neptune's Apartments in Margaret Street, Broadbeach, in Queensland. The Queensland Fire Service had responded to a fire alarm at apartment 803 around 1.30am. On entering the apartment they found a women lying on the bedroom floor. They took her out into the hallway and began CPR at which point they found she had multiple stab wounds. Ambulance officers arrived soon after and pronounced the woman deceased. The Criminal Investigation Branch of the Queensland Police Service (QPS) had also been notified and on my arrival I was met by my colleagues Detective Sergeant Rod Seaman and Detective Inspector Jim Keogh.

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JournalAustralian Police Journal
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