Principles and practices of the Australian private rental market: Comparative perspective of affordable housing and BtR housing

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The Australian Commonwealth and state/territory governments have taken an important step in helping low and medium including as well as vulnerable households to afford high-quality, affordable and stable housing supplied in the private rental market. However, studies indicate clear evidence that private rental sector accommodates around 20% of Australian households facing housing affordability stress (Beer, et al., 2007), as noted by Hulse et al. (2018), this problem is exacerbated by middle and higher income households who competing for affordable housing.

Project Aims

Our research is investigating the existing and potential opportunities to improve housing affordability in Australia. The main objective of this research is to understand the principles and practice of BtR housing with the purpose of analysing the equity, efficiency and effectiveness of this housing scheme in promoting long-term housing affordability to households experiencing housing stress and instability.
Effective start/end date8/04/2131/12/23


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