Optimisation of soldier backpack systems

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Working with Australian Defence Apparel, the project will investigate the impacts of different types of load carriage backpacks for military personnel in both laboratory and field-based settings. The outcomes of this work will be used to inform future design and assist military organisations in determining their optimal backpack systems for load carriage combat ensembles.

Project Aims

To assist ADA their backpack designs for military personnel

Key findings

Pilot Findings: * The weight of mission load and load distribution may be a more important factor than the type of pack when performing general physical tasks that are of a short duration (<10 mins) in nature. * Physical comfort levels and subjective perceptions may inform comfort and subsequently mission critical attention and injury risk potential. * The shoulder was the recurring location of perceived discomfort amongst the three backpack variants - Concerns in this location are expected due to the load carried, but, in this study, poor interaction of backpacks with body armour was noted by participants. Of note, all three variants had a pack shoulder strap width of around 8cm
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/12/23


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