National Research Investigation into Models and Quantifiable Benefits of Pro Bono and Social Justice Activities in Australian Law Schools

  • Cantatore, Francina (Associate Professor)
  • Giddings, Jeff (Project Roles)
  • Cody, Anna (Professor)
  • Waye, Vicki (Professor)
  • George, Alexandra (Associate Professor)
  • Bartlett, Francesca (Associate Professor)
  • Golledge, Emma (Research Fellow)
  • Ojelabi, Lola (Associate Professor)
  • Kenny, Mary Anne (Associate Professor)
  • Copeland, Anna (Research Fellow)
  • Castles, Margaret (Associate Professor)

Project: Research

Project Details


This three-year multi institution study will investigate and provide national empirical data relating to four pivotal themes dealing with pro bono and social justice initiatives in Australian law schools.

Project Aims

The primary objective of the research project is to investigate and report on existing pro bono models and access to justice initiatives in Australian law schools and consider ways in which these initiatives can be enhanced and expanded to increase access to justice for the Australian community. Another objective of the proposal is to strengthen ties between law schools and the legal profession, by providing increased opportunities for collaboration.
Effective start/end date20/12/1931/12/22


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