Innovative disaster management in Queensland master planned communities: Progressing risk-based land use planning and development for community disaster resilience

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Facilitate the recognition and adoption of progressive, risk-based land use planning and development practices for building community disaster resilience by identifying, analysing and promoting exemplars of practice innovation in Queensland Master Planned Communities (MPCs). 

Project Aims

Objectives 1. Define the risk management and planning policy frameworks of the MPC/s and their region 2. Identify and analyse innovative planning and development approaches to disaster risk management, as benchmarked against common, accepted practice. Risk/resilience elements can include: hazard exposure & risk standards; provision of emergency and community infrastructure; built environment/ land use design & spatial patterning; community engagement and social cohesion-building; and project management 3. Critically discuss the applicability of generalising innovative approaches/practices to other areas and developments Produce relevant, accessible research outputs including a fit-for-purpose, critically analysed compilation of practice exemplars
Effective start/end date1/03/1931/07/20


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