eSports Diplomacy

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A collaborative, inter-disciplinary research project that applies the research and policy framework of sports diplomacy to the rapidly growing yet generally misunderstood world of eSports. This project would establish Bond University as the lead innovator in this fecund area, consolidate and enhance industry partnerships, generate student recruitment opportunities, and create research outputs and employment outcomes for our students.

Project Aims

1. To build a working definition and theoretical framework to better understand eSports
2. To demystify and revise eSports from a threat to a series of opportunities
3. To develop a value proposition for Bond University in terms of a future investment into the theory and practice of eSports
4. To develop further collaboration between Bond researchers, Bond Newsroom, Bond Sport, industry partners, local government and students (ours and high school)
5. To establish an eSports diplomacy working group composed of said partners with the inaugural meeting to be held at Bond University in 191
Effective start/end date16/01/19 → …


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