Building connection, community, social skills and resilience for young people aged 12-18 through LEGO-based therapy. ($312,832.00)

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Strong and Resilient Communities Activity - Inclusive Communities Grant.

Project Aims

This project aims to deliver a child focused, LEGO-based therapeutic intervention over a term (10 weeks) to eight different schools in the Richmond/Tweed region over two
years to disengaged young people in state schools. The project will explore the efficacy of a LEGO-based therapeutic approach in an Australian context to build
connection, community, social skills and resilience for young people who have or are experiencing anxiety, stress, depression or trauma. A significant portion of this
project focuses specifically on First Nation young people and how a LEGO-based therapeutic intervention could be adapted and utilised to be culturally sensitive so as to
support First Nation young people in rural and remote communities where there is low engagement and poorer educational outcomes.
Short titleStrong and Resilient Communities Activity -Inclusive Communities Grants
AcronymSARC - IC Grant
Effective start/end date3/05/2330/06/25


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