The nature and extent of violence against bus drivers

  • RA Lincoln (Creator)



International transport literature indicates that violence and threats to bus drivers is a major problem, albeit underreported. While there is no Australian research on this topic there has been considerable media attention to violence against bus drivers that highlights their complex and challenging work environment. Funded by the federal government initiative Researchers in Business (Enterprise Connect) and local industry stakeholders, this study aims to gather for the first time data about the patterns of incivility and violence against urban bus drivers in Australia and inform crime reduction techniques and crime prevention strategies.

Several data sets will be generated: qualitative data from focus gropes with bus drivers; qualitative data from interviews with industry spokespersons; survey responses from bus drivers re victimization; observational data of aggression on buses.

Data in NVIVO format.
Date made available2013
PublisherBond University
Date of data production2013

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