The decisions and processes involved in a systematic search strategy: A hierarchical framework



The literature was searched for documents or guides on conducting a systematic review search strategy. The decisions or processes for locating studies were extracted from the eligible documents and categorised into a structured hierarchical framework. Feedback from experts was sought to revise the framework. The framework was revised iteratively and tested using recently published literature on searching.
Guidance documents were identified from expert organisations and a search of the literature and internet. Data was extracted from 72 eligible documents to form the initial framework. The framework was revised based on feedback from 9 search experts and further review and testing by the authors. The hierarchical framework consists of 119 decisions or processes sorted into 17 categories and arranged under 5 topics. These topics are: “Skill of the searcher”; “Selecting information to identify”; “Searching the literature electronically”; “Other ways to identify studies” and “Updating the systematic review”.
Data sets:
This data contains initial search results, screening decisions, and extracted data from relevant studies need to complete the hierarchical framework.
Date made available17 Jul 2020
PublisherBond University
Date of data productionJan 2018 - Nov 2019

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