Savouring and relationship satisfaction in couples coping with a stressful life event

  • Christina Samios (Creator)
  • Vidushi Khatri (Creator)



This project collected data from 135 Australian opposite-sex couples who had experienced a stressful life event in the past year. This project aimed to examine predictors of relationship satisfaction in times of stress. The data include measures of the psychological impact of the event, savouring, positive affect, and relationship satisfaction.

> Individual data set: Each couple member is a case in the data set (scale items included)
> Pairwise data set: Pairwise structuring of data for multilevel modelling (scale scores only)
> Dyad data set: Dyad structuring of data for structural equation modelling
(scale scores only).

Formats: .sav and .csv files
Date made available2015
PublisherBond University
Date of data productionJun 2015 - Aug 2015

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