Contract law in aid channels

  • Elizabeth Spencer (Creator)



This research into contracting in development aid offers a unique opportunity for exploring the boundaries of, and new approaches to, the function and utility of contract and contract law. By framing aid effectiveness as a contractual problem ­ in some ways similar to contracting in commercial arrangements such as networks, franchising, and even trusts, with many related thematic lines, this research takes a critical step toward promoting aid effectiveness. It adopts an innovative, pluralist approach, adducing relevant threads of contract and organizational theory, such as relational contracting, incomplete contracting, and organizational learning theory in its empirical analysis of contracting in development aid.

Data in the form of interviews.

This dataset is closed, but interested researchers may apply for access by contacting the University using the adjacent email address.
Date made available2013
PublisherBond University
Date of data production2012 - 2013

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