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Identification of Multiple Sclerosis genetic markers leading to clinical benefits to affected patients

Tajouri, L. (Creator), Staines, D. (Creator), Marshall-Gradisnik, S. (Creator), Brenu, E. (Creator), Bond University, 2013


Assessing thermoregulatory deficits of trained individuals with a spinal cord injury exercising in the heat

Forsyth, P. (Creator), Bond University, 2017


Improving the translation of search strategies using the Polyglot Search Translator: a randomised controlled trial

Clark, J. (Creator), Carter, M. (Creator), Honeyman, D. (Creator), Cleo, G. (Creator), Auld, Y. (Creator), Booth, D. (Creator), Condron, P. (Creator), Dalais, C. (Creator), Bateup, S. (Creator), Linthwaite, B. (Creator), May, N. (Creator), Munn, J. (Creator), Ramsay, L. (Creator), Rickett, K. (Creator), Rutter, C. (Creator), Sanders, S. (Creator), Sondergeld, P. (Creator), Wallin, M. (Creator), Beller, E. (Creator), Bond University, Oct 2018



Medical student professional identity formation

McLean, M. (Creator), Johnson, P. (Creator), Sargeant, S. J. E. (Creator), Bond University, 2012


Sustainable construction practices in South East Queensland

Wales, N. (Creator), Webb, N. (Creator), Bond University, 2012