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Student evaluation of teaching and subjects in Australian universities [

Kinash, S. (Creator), Naidu, V. (Creator) & Knight, D. (Creator), Bond University, 2012


Results of a survey into what are good research questions in higher education

Kinash, S. (Creator) & Kordyban, T. (Creator), Bond University, 2011


Sustainable construction practices in South East Queensland

Wales, N. (Creator) & Webb, N. (Creator), Bond University, 2012


Contract law in aid channels

Spencer, E. (Creator), Bond University, 2013


The genetics of exercise-induced injuries involving tendon and bone

Hughes, D. (Supervisor), Vlahovich, N. (Creator), Kozlovskaia, M. (Contributor), Grealy, R. (Contributor) & Manzanero, S. (Creator), Bond University, 2017


Adverse events in patients taking macrolide antibiotics versus placebo for any indication: Supplementary data set B

Hansen, M. P. (Creator), Scott, A. (Creator), McCullough, A. (Creator), Thorning, S. (Creator), Aronson, J. K. (Creator), Beller, E. (Creator), Glasziou, P. (Creator), Hoffmann, T. (Creator), Clark, J. (Creator) & Del Mar, C. (Creator), Bond University, Nov 2018



Gene profiling murine splenic stromal lines: ArrayExpress Database Accession number E-MTAB-8345

O'Neill, H. (Creator), Lim, D. (Contributor), Periasamy, P. (Creator), Kumarappan, L. (Contributor), Tan, J. (Contributor) & O'Neill, T. (Contributor), European Bioinformatics Institute (EMBL-EBI), 10 Oct 2019