Your diamond life: Embracing brokenness to rebuild and thrive

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She is an advocate for children to be cared for and protected from violence, abuse, and neglect to develop in the best possible way. Dr Cher shares her voice to begin to rebuild the human disconnect from self to focus on the person you want to be than the person you are always trying to fix. Her work stems from a desire to help individuals rebuild their lives passed down from inter-generational brokenness to a generation of wholehearted courageous families.  Communicating and connecting authentically with individuals is the key to breaking silence and suppression keeping many from living wholeheartedly if they keep safeguarding their self-authenticity rather than letting it transform them.


Her insights, research, years working as a clinical psychologist with a focus on trauma informed recovery, brings leading truths that helps remove doubts and negative self-sabotage that can be incorporated into daily life as a process to heal and rebuild broken lives to become whole again.


Rebuilding Broken Lives to Wholeness

Period17 Feb 2024

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Media contributions

  • TitleYour diamond life: Embracing brokenness to rebuild and thrive
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