Why TSH test results can lead to over-testing, over-treatment

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Lifestyle review is recommended as the first intervention to reduce risk of unnecessary patient harms and resource wastage....

REC–QC Chair and Expert Steering Group co-Chair Professor Mark Morgan told newsGP the ‘traffic light’ system of the First do no harm resources provides recommendations to be used in general practice consultations.
‘All of the guides are designed to be quick and easy to use,’ he said.
‘The key recommendations are presented as traffic lights: Do this for most people [green], Do this in particular circumstances [orange] and Don’t routinely do this [red].’
Each topic, as part of the library of resources, will grow with new entries and is mirrored by a patient-facing resource that explains to patients why GPs are making their recommendations.





Thyroid function tests

Period26 Apr 2023

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Media contributions