Regular Segment: Tech Space with Wendy Bonython, Associate Professor from the Faculty of Law at Bond University.

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Dyer says she wants to discuss the rights of robots and if they should have similar rights to human beings. Bonython says the legal rights of AI is attracting a lot of academic attention at the moment. Bonython notes as AI becomes more integrated into everyday lives, there are many important questions posed on AI's legal status. Bonython says there's a discussion on managing autonomous vehicle failure. Bonython notes there's a number of cases where people suffered harm due to drones. Dyer states there's another issue about the capability of self-directed learning technology.

Period30 Sept 2019

Media contributions


Media contributions


TitleBond Research Week 2019
LocationBond University, Robina, Queensland, Australia
Period14 Oct 2019 → 18 Nov 2019