Plant-based dietary patterns and depression

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Plant-based dietary quality and depressive symptoms in Australian vegans and vegetarians: a cross-sectional study


Plant-based dietary patterns (vegan and vegetarian) are often considered ‘healthy’ and have been associated with broad health benefits, including decreased risk of obesity and ill health (cardiovascular disease, blood glucose and type II diabetes). However, the association between plant-based diets and mood disorders such as depression remains largely equivocal. This cross-sectional study of 219 adults aged 18–44 (M=31.22, SD=7.40) explored the associations between an estimate of overall plant-based diet quality and depression in vegans (n=165) and vegetarians (n=54).

Period18 Nov 2021

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Media contributions

  • TitlePlant-based dietary patterns and depression
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    DescriptionA quantitative survey of vegan and vegetarians that explores a measure of overall plant- based dietary quality and its association with depression.
    ► The results show that high quality plant- based diets are associated with lower risk of depression in vegans and vegetarians.
    ► The association between plant- based dietary quality and depression to support mental well- being and mood in vegan and vegetarians should be investigated further
    PersonsMegan Lee