Pharmacists win right to prescribe topical mometasone and triptans

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The decisions put patients at risk and highlights short falls in TGA scheduling processes, says Professor Mark Morgan


Next month pharmacists with no additional training will be free to prescribe preparations of 0.1% mometasone in pack sizes up to 15 grams.

Previously, patients could only access the corticosteroid with a prescription from a GP.

The TGA, which announced the downscheduling decision last week, has also given the green light for pharmacists to prescribe up to two doses of 50 mg of sumatriptan or 2.5 mg of zomitriptan for acute relief of migraine.

Both the AMA and Australasian College of Dermatologists have vehemently opposed the downscheduling of mometasone.

Period11 May 2020

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Media contributions