Pharmacists advised to 'choose wisely' when it comes to CAM

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Article in Australian Doctor providing commentary about the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia's six Choosing Wisely "do not dos".

Period13 Dec 2018

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Media contributions

  • TitlePharmacists advised to 'choose wisely' when it comes to CAM
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    Media name/outletAustralian Doctor
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    DescriptionAssociate Professor Mark Morgan, chair of the RACGP’s expert committee for quality care, has welcomed the list, saying the college is broadly in favour of the recommendations.

    He emphasises that the ideal role is where pharmacists work closely and collaboratively with prescribing GPs and patients on treatment decisions.

    He says it’s “good to see” the advice on homeopathy and complementary medicine included.

    “I very much hope that the group of pharmacists producing guidance aimed at their own members will have a strong impact on what’s seen as the right thing to do from a professional standpoint,” he says.

    “What they’re doing is looking at the logic of this and the science.Pharmacy owners’ groups should acknowledge this and fall into line with these Choosing Wisely recommendations."
    Producer/AuthorJocelyn Wright from Australian Doctor
    PersonsMark Morgan